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Privacy Policy / GDPR / Cookies

Here at UK Ltd, we do not collect personal information. The information we store, apart from your email and password is public to do with your business.

Our data is stored on AMAZON servers in the USA so is highly secure and managed by a professional hosting company on that platform.

You are connected with us using an HTTPS secure connection.

What we do with your data.

The short version – nothing – we will not sell your data to other organisations, or market to you without your consent. We will not store your payment information as we use Paypal/Stripe as payment processors so you will need to contact them about GDPR compliance with regards to your financial information. We do not have or want access to it.

You agree..

If you sign up to our business directory or join our recruitment section to post jobs, you agree that we may send you a newsletter occasionally with the latest construction news from the UK. This may or may not include advertising but you can opt out at any time.


We may store cookies, small pieces of data on your local browser for the purposes of aiding you with logging in and using the site. Our partners google may target you with advertising based on your search preferences and access to the site – this will help you get the best, most up to date information from us.

If you have a question or problem.

Please Contact Us and we will get in touch as quickly as possible.

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